We're on a mission to restore and enable profound physical ability


Atom Limbs is making the world's first artificial human arm. We're giving 100M limb-different people their limbs back, and revolutionizing the $2T limb loss industry.

At Atom, we're focused on building a better future for all humans. We're doing that by building artificial bodies, starting with an artificial arm we call the Atom Touch.

Despite modern advancements in medicine and technology, prosthetic limbs today still resemble those given to people in the 1800s — they're largely meant to give the appearance of a functioning limb; they're relatively useless to the wearer.

Even the most advanced artificial limbs on the market are unsustainably expensive and severely limited in capability. Which is why less than 1 in 5 people with arm loss use a prosthetic — prosthetics simply are not good enough.

The key to Atom's technology is in our team and our approach — the consumer products & technology company approach. By bringing...

  • Modern robotics
  • Modern software
  • Modern wearables
  • Modern logistics
  • Modern business models

...to people with limb loss, we aim to kickstart the next era of artificial limbs.


Our leadership team consists of world-class leaders in their respective fields. We've brought some of the greatest minds together to create a team capable of bringing the next phase of human evolution to life.

Tyler Hayes

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Doug Satzger

Co-founder, CDOLearn more

Eric Monsef

Co-founder, CTOLearn more

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