Introducing Atom Touch

Near-full human range of motion, a basic sense of touch, and mind control. All non-invasively. And so much more. Coming 2024.


Joint control

All the same joints as a natural arm, from elbow to wrist to fingers.

Finger control

For the first time, flex, extend, and splay each of your individual fingers.

Range of motion

A near-full range of motion lets you fully interact with the world around you.

Touch feedback

Basic touch feedback aids your motor control by minimizing visual occlusion and cognitive load.

Comfort & weight

As light as most adult arms, with all-day comfort thanks to breathable, lightweight apparel.


Full integration of hardware, software, and attachment unlock an unparalleled experience.


One of the greatest tools ever evolved, the opposing thumb is a major differentiator between humans and other animals. To allow a similarly high level of capability, Touch's thumb is fully-controllable — rotation, abduction-adduction, and flexion-extension at each joint level.

Neural Interface


¹ Due to the tentative nature of preorders and external circumstances like COVID-19, all release dates listed are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

² While we're working hard to implement all listed features in our first product, all features are considered work-in-progress and may not make it into the final product in full or partial form.